To be a fellowship of people whose primary desire is to worship God and bring glory to Him in all they do; to inspire and encourage people to worship Him with all their heart, mind and soul and to know Him in an intimate way, so He has first place in all they do.

To be a fellowship of God’s people who will love and support one another, and love the world as Christ did.

To disciple, develop, and train people into their full God-given potential, in their giftings, abilities and calling, both spiritually and in every other way; to set up an environment that will release them and see them grow into maturity to be the people God intends them to be, using their giftings, talents, and resources for the kingdom of God to touch, change and bless others, with worldwide effect.

To be a fellowship of people who understand and appreciate the grace of the Lord towards us and who are gracious to others; who understand that we are not under the law, but freedom; and who have a heart and passion for the things of God, not driven by guilt or compulsion.